What are the application criteria to qualify for a possible teaching position in Vietnam?

  • Minimum age of 20 years to a maximum age of 60 years old;
  • You are from one of the official NES (native English-speaking countries) (UK, Ireland, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada and South Africa);
  • Have a high school education;
  • Can speak English fluently without a heavy accent!
  • A person with a sense of adventure and independence;
  • Have a keen interest in travelling or working abroad;
  • Be able to demonstrate an ability to relate to AND understand a different culture;
  • Be willing to cope with the difficulties of living in a foreign country;
  • No teaching experience is necessary, but obtaining a work permit in Vietnam requires a degree although exceptions are definitely possible;
  • Have not previously completed a TEFL certificate;
  • Have a valid passport;
  • Able to apply for a police clearance certificate;
  • Have a laptop and valid email address.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What makes TEFL different?

We keep our class sizes small (maximum 10 students) for a very simple reason – to ensure you have the personal attention you need to be a successful EFL teacher. Our course has a very Practical Approach in providing you with the necessary skills, guidance and confidence that you will actually use in your teaching job. Our course teacher, highly experienced, will do his best to give you a great experience and makes the course pertinent to your needs.

Will I have a Job when I Graduate?

TIA will help you prepare your resume and based on your location preferences start the job search for you from the first week of your studies.  Over 90% of our graduates have jobs waiting for them by the time they graduate from the course. Depending on your educational background, age, preferred job type and location, it could take up to 30 days longer to complete your job search. Our job support does not end once you find your first teaching assignment. Any time you want to look for a new job, just contact us and we will be glad to help you. I Teach TEFL gives you lifetime job assistance.

​Do I need any teaching experience to apply?

Experience is always a bonus but not necessary – you will always get better opportunities with relevant experience, but there are some foreign teachers that have just left school and they make a success of it. Heart and passion will take you as far as experience – and experience will be built up with time.

What happens if I should decide to join the I Teach TEFL program?

You will be accepted into the TIA family and provided with teaching opportunities across Vietnam. You will also receive after placement support and TIA will strive to make your stay in Vietnam as enjoyable as possible.

​How much money should I budget for?

The amount of money required to relocate will depend on what package you require – we offer different packages at different costs. Please enquire to see what package you need.

You mentioned Visa Assistance?

TIA will provide assistance in acquiring your Vietnam VISA, and will also assist with renewals every 3 months. You will receive your visa invitation letter prior to your departure from your country - the cost of this will depend on what kind of visa you require and the amount of time we have to arrange it. The longer we have to arrange it, the cheaper it is to arrange.

At what kind of school will I be placed?

We have options at public schools, language centres and kindergartens. Depending on your preference, and availability of positions at the current time, you will be placed in the best possible option that is available at the time.

How does the accommodation work?

Our package includes accommodation for the first 7 days while the practical training is done. After that you have an option to stay on in the TIA house, or you can find your own accommodation. TIA will assist you here as well as we have two estate agents that helps us to find reasonable accommodation in the area that you need. If you are placed at a school in one of the provinces, accommodation is usually part of their package.

The TIA team goes out of their way to make the TEFL experience comfortable, enjoyable and worth while. They've made learning and training fun, and assisted in everything from accommodation, to job placements and emotional support. This is not only a team, but a family. A family that I'm proud to be a part of. (Thank you TIA.) I highly recommend studying and training through TIA as they will not dissapoint you. TIA delivers on every promise and will help you to make your journey to teach in Asia a memorable one.
Venita Reichel
TIA helps with everything, reliable people to help you and guide you on your new journey in Asia
Deolain Brown
TIA is the way to go safe and reliable.
Nicholais Beretta