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TEFL in Asia has proudly been providing high quality services to Vietnam since 2018.

What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers.

We give personal attention to each and every student/teacher who come through.  We assist with the process from visas, TEFL training and practical classes and assessments to interviews at potential schools.

We help you to find accommodation and from there we help you set up close to your school or wherever you find more convenient to stay.

How to choose the right TEFL Course

There are a variety of TEFL courses available out there, so there has to be one that’s absolutely perfect for you and your individual needs. While you may be in a rush to start traveling and teaching, it’s best if you slow down so that you choose the best program. In order to find the best TEFL course, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

How long do you want your course to last? Most TEFL organizations suggest that students have at least 100 hours of study. The thing you need to keep in mind is that there is quite a lot of competition in the TEFL market. The better qualified you are, the better your chances are of landing a job that you like and one that pays well. Take courses that are respected and recognized, those that are associated with larger teaching organizations and have a solid foundation in grammar and efficient teaching. While a TEFL course can be expensive, it can reward you with better learning and teaching opportunities in the future. There are also a variety of places where you can study TEFL; some organizations offer international course packages. One suggestion is to take a TEFL course in the country in which you are interested in working. Doing so could make it that much easier for you to find a job and get in touch with the local schools. Some organizations have packages that allow students to take their TEFL courses with either an internship or foreign language training.

You might also want to select a TEFL course that offers job assistance after you’ve become a qualified teacher. There are certain organizations that feature job bulletin services, which send eligible teachers emails about job opportunities. Such organizations might also offer students advice on how to write an appealing resume, teach them interviewing skills and might even offer to write students letters of recommendation.

Teaching practice hours are something else to consider with TEFL courses. You’ll want as much preparation as possible before you go on your first job. Courses that are lengthy and intensive will be more demanding, but you’ll appreciate them more since they’ll better prepare you for future teaching abroad positions. If you have a choice between a longer course and a shorter course, you’ll more than likely want to choose the longer course. TEFL courses that are linked to language schools will more than likely have some kind of teaching practice.

There’s nothing wrong with being excited about traveling abroad, but make sure you apply that same excitement and attention to deciding on a good TEFL course.